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+# yank url in term
+Alt+u Enter selection mode. The last URL on your screen will be selected. You can repeat Alt+u to select the next upward URL.
+k Select next upward URL
+j Select next downward URL
+Return Open selected URL in browser and quit selection mode
+o Open selected URL in browser without quitting selection mode
+y Copy (yank) selected URL and quit selection mode
+Esc Cancel URL selection mode
+# Tab management
+Shift+Down New tab
+Shift+Left Go to left tab
+Shift+Right Go to right tab
+Ctrl+Left Move tab to the left
+Ctrl+Right Move tab to the right
+Ctrl+d Close tab
+# keyboard select with meta-escape
+h/j/k/l: Move cursor left/down/up/right (also with arrow keys)
+g/G/0/^/$/H/M/L/f/F/;/,/w/W/b/B/e/E: More vi-like cursor movement keys
+'/'/?: Start forward/backward search
+n/N: Repeat last search, N: in reverse direction
+Ctrl-f/b: Scroll down/up one screen
+Ctrl-d/u: Scroll down/up half a screen
+v/V/Ctrl-v: Toggle normal/linewise/blockwise selection
+y/Return: Copy selection to primary buffer, Return: quit afterwards
+Y: Copy selected lines to primary buffer or cursor line and quit
+q/Escape: Quit keyboard selection mode