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+# The editor to use with 'cheat -e <sheet>'. Defaults to $EDITOR or $VISUAL.
+#editor: vim
+# Should 'cheat' always colorize output?
+colorize: true
+# Which 'chroma' colorscheme should be applied to the output?
+# Options are available here:
+# https://github.com/alecthomas/chroma/tree/master/styles
+style: monokai
+# Which 'chroma' "formatter" should be applied?
+# One of: "terminal", "terminal256", "terminal16m"
+formatter: terminal16m
+# The paths at which cheatsheets are available. Tags associated with a cheatpath
+# are automatically attached to all cheatsheets residing on that path.
+# Whenever cheatsheets share the same title (like 'tar'), the most local
+# cheatsheets (those which come later in this file) take precedent over the
+# less local sheets. This allows you to create your own "overides" for
+# "upstream" cheatsheets.
+# But what if you want to view the "upstream" cheatsheets instead of your own?
+# Cheatsheets may be filtered via 'cheat -t <tag>' in combination with other
+# commands. So, if you want to view the 'tar' cheatsheet that is tagged as
+# 'community' rather than your own, you can use: cheat tar -t community
+ - name: work
+ path: ~/.bcheat
+ tags: [ work ]
+ readonly: false
+ - name: personal
+ path: ~/.cheat
+ tags: [ personal ]
+ readonly: false