AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-24Add first implemention of a cron like functionHEADmasterneodarz
2019-02-22Add a way to specify a crawl to launchneodarz
2019-02-06Remove server command because it's useless for nowneodarz
2019-02-06Upgrade log level to warning for preprod usageneodarz
2019-02-06Add ability to update url who are one week old and content modifiedneodarz
2019-02-06Fix logging infoneodarz
2019-02-06Add date when page are crawledneodarz
2019-02-03Add ability to update a page in db if updatedneodarz
2019-01-20Prefere localhost instead of all ip by default for better securityneodarz
2019-01-20Use Manticorsearch JSON API instead of custom search APIneodarz
2019-01-19Add documentation about indexneodarz
2019-01-19Fix typoneodarz
2019-01-19Translate one commentsneodarz
2019-01-19Add khanindex nevrax indexationneodarz
2019-01-17Be more specific on index source databaseneodarz
2019-01-17Add index selectionneodarz
2019-01-17For comptabilty with search don't show match elementsneodarz
2019-01-17Add some requirementsneodarz
2019-01-16Remove information who say that nothing can be searchedneodarz
2019-01-16Update some information on how to use thisneodarz
2019-01-16Add app codeneodarz
2019-01-16Add searchd error managementneodarz
2019-01-16Rearange configuration instructionneodarz
2019-01-16Add some documentation about sphinx/manticore configurationneodarz
2019-01-16Update database informationneodarz
2019-01-16Fix some typoneodarz
2019-01-16Add more precision on usage of sphinx term instead of manticore in codeneodarz
2019-01-16Add manticoresearch search functionneodarz
2019-01-15Set correct listen port for correct usage of searchd with some comments for e...neodarz
2019-01-15Add some field in mantasearchcore indexneodarz
2019-01-14Add mantacoresearch partneodarz
2019-01-13Migrate to PostgreSQLneodarz
2019-01-13Add some (docker) shitneodarz
2019-01-13Add licenseneodarz
2019-01-13Add some tips to install this projectneodarz
2019-01-13Fix python script name to runneodarz
2019-01-13Remove bullshitneodarz
2019-01-13Save all crawled datas in databaseneodarz
2019-01-11Add first implementation of a databaseneodarz
2019-01-10Initial commitneodarz